Our Snugs- California and Camcase

We have two luxury, award-winning Snugs (made by www.armadilla.com), these being (1) California and (2) Camcase. Each Snug sleeps two people and an infant on request. Our California Snug is also Pet Friendly. Each Snug is identical in size/ layout and they have a hot tub and firepit area each. The Snug offers a luxury, five-star hotel room experience set on a private, natural hilltop. The Snugs provide the perfect retreat for those who want to escape city life to relax in a romantic, countryside hot tub hideaway with breathtaking coastal views. 


Many of the local farms bordering the estuary, including Logie Farm, have derilict Salmon Bothies situated on the banks of the river. We decided to replicate these beautiful spaces on our hillside and named our Snugs after each bothy on Logie Farm or in the local area. In addition the Snug design has many exemplar eco-credentials and manufactured locally. The two Snugs are situated on the meadow grass hillside directly behind Logie farm steading. The ascent is around 300 meters from the main road which passes through the farm. It is a steep and exhilarating climb and one that most vehicles should be able to make. Logie Farm is a working farm, home to sheep cattle, cereal crops and an abundance of wildlife.

View the Camcase Snug

Luxury Snug with Hot Tub

View the California Snug

Luxury Snug with Hot Tub (pet friendly)